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Animal shearing equipment Canada - Ukal Canada

For any purchase of animal shearing equipment in Canada, choose Ukal Canada's products.

We offer reliable equipment from renowned brands.

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Distributor of Heiniger Suisse animal shearing and clipping equipment in Canada

To effectively shear your animal's fur, you must equip yourself with a good clipper. This way, you'll avoid hurting your furry companion, and more importantly, you'll make the shearing process much more manageable.

At Ukal Canada, we've selected for you the world's number-one brand in sheep shearing, cattle and horse clipping: Heiniger Switzerland! It's been the top choice of Canadian farmers for over 25 years now, thanks to the performance of its animal grooming equipment and the cutting-edge solutions the brand provides.

Looking for small clippers and grooming accessories for small animals? We also have the items you need.

When it comes to their well-being, your animals deserve the best: Heiniger Suisse clippers.

Animal shearing equipment Quebec
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  • Ukal Canada delivers all across Canada.

Reliable and quality equipment to care for your animals

At Ukal Canada, we build our catalog of animal grooming equipment based on various criteria. Among these, quality and innovation are at the forefront.

We aim to ensure your animals' good health by offering only reliable shearing and grooming equipment sourced from our parent company in France. Our welcoming team will guide you to choose the best clipper for your animals.

In our store, you'll also find a range of grooming products for livestock, animal health products, and various care items for farm animals. Explore our exclusive range of hoof care products as well.

Apart from animal shearing equipment, Ukal Canada also sells hoof care products.

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