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Sale of Cattle Handling Equipment across Canada

Ukal Canada provides different categories of products, including quality cattle handling equipment.

We offer reliable equipment from renowned brands.

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For less stressful and safe livestock handling

To better support animal breeders, we've developed a comprehensive range of items dedicated to cattle management and control.

We distribute different models of halters, in nylon or rope to facilitate daily cow or bull management and ensure their safety. You'll also find calf and cow collars among our offerings.

Choose from various leads and halters tailored to different needs and types of cattle.

Cattle handling has never been easier with Ukal Canada's items.

Cattle handling equipment Quebec
Our products
  • Agricultural supplies
  • Pet grooming equipment
  • Animal shearing equipment
  • Electric fences
  • Poultry farming equipment
  • Supplies for dairy farms
  • Biosecurity equipment
  • Veterinary equipment
  • Hoof care products
  • Livestock handling equipment
  • Various agricultural equipment
Our strengths
  • Exclusive and international expertise
  • Diverse range of agricultural products
  • Quality and innovative products
  • National presence focused on regional needs
Where to find us?
  • Ukal Canada delivers all across Canada.

The importance of using quality handling equipment for your cattle

Research has shown that non-stressful cattle handling improves productivity. In other words, stressed animals have lower gestation rates.

To reduce stress and instill a positive temperament in animals, handling them calmly and with suitable equipment that makes them comfortable is essential. That's precisely what Ukal Canada offers!

We have always been known for the reliability of the equipment we distribute: cattle handling items, dairy farms supplies, hoof care equipment, Pet grooming and shearing and clipping accessories for animals.

Enhance your cattle production with our quality products.

Cattle handling products Quebec