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Sale of Electric Fences across Canada

Choose Ukal Canada's innovative products for your electric or agricultural fencing needs anywhere in the country.

We offer reliable equipment from renowned brands.

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Our electric fence solutions for farms

We offer various electric fences to restrict and secure your farm or agricultural operation.

Because the safety of your farm is essential to us, we have selected Beaumont's electric fence solutions, a French brand known for its innovative, efficient, high-performing, and user-friendly fence posts.

Depending on your needs, choose from our secure fence options: Beaumont solar energizers, electrifiable nets, insulators, posts, wires and ribbons.
We also sell Patriot and Speedrite energizers.

Revolutionize your farm's security with our Beaumont electric fences!

Electric Fence Quebec
Our products
  • Agricultural supplies
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  • Electric fences
  • Poultry farming equipment
  • Supplies for dairy farms
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Our strengths
  • Exclusive and international expertise
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  • Quality and innovative products
  • National presence focused on regional needs
Where to find us?
  • Ukal Canada delivers all across Canada.

Reliable equipment for creating durable electric fences in Canada

For agricultural owners and breeders anywhere in Canada, we are more than just electric fence suppliers. You can trust us to help you choose the safest fence to secure your livestock or operation.

As distributors of agricultural equipment for over 50 years, we offer top-quality products, ensuring a lasting investment.

Explore other exclusive products that make Ukal Canada renowned: Heiniger Suisse animal clippers and poultry farming equipment.

We provide quality electric fences and various equipment

Electrical Fence Beaumont Quebec