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Sale of pet grooming equipment across Canada

Find all the necessary grooming equipment for your farm animals at Ukal Canada.

We offer reliable equipment from renowned brands.

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A wide range of pet grooming equipment

Whether you're a professional breeder, pet owner, or grooming salon anywhere in Canada, discover a range of grooming tools tailored to animals' needs at our store.

From clippers specifically designed for small animals to grooming supplies (snap-on combs and blades, gloves, and more), along with various tools, our selection is curated to offer the best in animal grooming.

Whether for livestock or pets, we have grooming supplies and care accessories tailored for them.

The best in animal grooming equipment is at Ukal Canada

Pet Grooming Equipment Quebec
Our products
  • Agricultural supplies
  • Pet grooming equipment
  • Animal shearing equipment
  • Electric fences
  • Poultry farming equipment
  • Supplies for dairy farms
  • Biosecurity equipment
  • Veterinary equipment
  • Hoof care products
  • Livestock handling equipment
  • Various agricultural equipment
Our strengths
  • Exclusive and international expertise
  • Diverse range of agricultural products
  • Quality and innovative products
  • National presence focused on regional needs
Where to find us?
  • Ukal Canada delivers all across Canada.

Keep animals clean and beautiful with grooming products from Ukal Canada

Maintaining your animal's health involves rigorous hygiene practices, requiring proper cleaning methods and the vigilance of the breeder or owner. The choice of grooming accessories should also suit the animal's fur and skin.

At Ukal Canada, you'll find grooming accessories for animals from top brands like Heiniger Suisse to make each grooming session easy and enjoyable.

We also sell veterinary equipment and poultry farming supplies.

With our carefully selected equipment, grooming animals becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Pet Grooming Accessories Quebec