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The remarkable benefits of using peach teats for calf rearing

In the dynamic world of calf rearing, innovation drives progress, with every technological advancement aimed at mimicking the natural conditions that foster growth and health in young calves. Among the myriad of innovations, Peach Teats stand out as a transformative solution, reshaping the way calves are fed for the better. This blog post explores the multifaceted advantages of Peach Teats, from enhancing feeding efficiency to improving health outcomes, and underscores their role in revolutionizing calf rearing with their ease of use and exceptional design.

Mimicking Natural Feeding Processes

Peach Teats excel in offering a feeding experience that mirrors the natural suckling calves enjoy with their mothers. Unlike traditional teats, which may inadvertently encourage milk to flow back into the container, Peach Teats are ingeniously designed to prevent excess fluid passage, akin to a cow's udder. This design necessitates more vigorous suckling from the calf, closely simulating natural feeding behaviors and fostering a more satisfying and beneficial feeding experience that supports optimal growth and development.

Enhancing Digestive Health

The intense suckling action promoted by Peach Teats is more than just a feeding mechanism; it's a vital stimulant for the calf's digestive health. This action enhances saliva production and optimizes stomach pH levels, pivotal factors for nutrient digestion and absorption. Consequently, calves fed with Peach Teats exhibit fewer digestive disturbances, enabling them to harness the full nutritional value of their feed, resulting in healthier and more robust growth.

Innovative Design for Better Feeding

Peach Teats feature a patented internal collapsing flap-valve, a design marvel that retains milk within the teat, responding adeptly to the calf's suckling efforts. This unique design ensures continuous movement of the teat during feeding, mirroring the dynamic nature of a cow's teat while also facilitating cleanliness and reducing blockage risks. This innovation enhances the feeding process's efficiency and effectiveness, embodying the blend of functionality and nature-inspired design.

Durability and Health Safety

Constructed from a specially formulated natural rubber, Peach Teats are not only durable but also gentle, mimicking the natural feel calves seek, and minimizing the risk of oral health issues such as mouth ulcers. This material choice reflects a profound understanding of and commitment to calf welfare, offering a safe and comfortable feeding experience that stands the test of daily use.

Versatility and Ease of Use

Designed with versatility in mind, Peach Teats seamlessly integrate into existing feeding systems, compatible with standard calf feeders and suitable for various feeding methods. This adaptability ensures a smooth transition to using Peach Teats, eliminating the need for costly equipment updates and simplifying the adoption process for calf rearers.

Reducing Stress and Health Problems

The thoughtful construction of Peach Teats, including side milk openings and leak resistance, fosters a stress-free feeding environment. This reduction in stress contributes to a decrease in health issues such as scours or pneumonia, underscoring the significant impact of well-designed feeding solutions on calf well-being and efficiency of growth.


Peach Teats are a pivotal innovation in calf rearing, offering comprehensive benefits that span from mimicking natural feeding processes to enhancing digestive health, and reducing stress-related health problems. Their innovative design, coupled with durability and ease of use, positions Peach Teats as an indispensable tool for anyone committed to nurturing healthy, vigorous calves. As the agricultural sector continues to evolve, the adoption of technologies like Peach Teats is essential for the sustained success and advancement of calf rearing practices.

**Note: It's crucial to maintain appropriate feeding speeds to ensure calves' health and development. Rapid feeding can lead to digestive issues, underscoring the importance of using Peach Teats to regulate milk flow and support natural feeding behaviors.

Faire des trous plus grands dans les tétines… n'est pas une bonne idée pour la santé de vos veaux.

Alimenter les veaux trop rapidement peut conduire à plusieurs résultats de santé néfastes, principalement en raison de l'incapacité de leur système digestif en développement à traiter adéquatement de grands volumes de lait à un rythme rapide. Lorsque les veaux sont nourris trop vite, cela peut causer une digestion inappropriée et conduire à des inefficacités nutritionnelles, car le lait contourne le rumen et va directement dans l'abomasum, ce qui peut submerger la capacité digestive du veau. Cela peut entraîner des perturbations digestives telles que le ballonnement, la diarrhée ou les diarrhées nutritionnelles, qui ne sont pas seulement préjudiciables à la santé immédiate du veau mais peuvent également affecter sa croissance et son développement à long terme. De plus, l'alimentation rapide ne permet pas aux veaux d'exhiber leur comportement de succion naturel, ce qui est crucial pour stimuler la production de salive et aider dans le processus de digestion. Pour ces raisons, il est essentiel de gérer le taux d'alimentation pour assurer que les veaux reçoivent les avantages nutritionnels de leur alimentation tout en minimisant le risque de problèmes de santé digestive.